I Can Hear You

The sounds so muffled for so long
Are now becoming clearer
Distant voices unheard before
Echo coming nearer

I hear the sound but have no sight
No voice no movement can I make
My breath does not come on its own
These breathy sounds are naught but fake

We’ve tried three times I hear them say
You must decide what must be done
Her brain is gone as is her soul
Her battle now can not be won

This strangling thing that’s in my throat
Prevents my voice from crying out
Do not remove this vent just yet
I am still here, please don’t forget

It will be done just as you ask
Tomorrow ‘morn before first shift
She’ll go to sleep she’ll feel no pain
She’ll be adrift before the rain

Before the bell rings in the day
I knew my time would come
At dawns first brilliant shining light
My doomsday bell was rung

She did not die they all proclaimed
The pastor slipped away
And with a fright they all did start
to hear me suddenly say,  I could hear you every day

2 thoughts on “I Can Hear You

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you! I am unhappy with the formatting as it did not carry over as originally written. For me, formatting can change the entire flavor of the poem.

      I have been reading your work as well. I find it crisp, well written and invigorating. I’m looking forward to reading more too. 😊

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