hour 16 poem

Stanza 1
girls smiling
wind through their dresses
a few rising waves
a bit of dust
before the thunderstorm
taste of icecream

# Stanza 2
smell of icecream
sight of smiling
sound of thunderstorm
watching dresses
collecting dust
in front of the waves

# Stanza 3
rising waves
buying icecream
smelling dust
next to their smiling
eyes in their dresses
before the thunderstorm

# Stanza 4
after the thunderstorm
lower waves
longer dresses
more icecream
more smiling
less dust

# Stanza 5
footsteps in the dust
before the thunderstorm
after smiling
before the waves
during an icecream
tasted in sun dresses

# Stanza 6
sun dresses
beach dust
seaside icecream
during a thunderstorm
before the waves
after smiling

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