Scorching hotness

A spark coming to life

To consume and ravage and spurn

Tongues of fiery glee

Shooting blood and crimson

Glowing orange and yellow

Burning, burning, burning


Sweltering and sweaty

Sticky and slapping

Skin against skin

Rubbing, massaging and squeezing

Itching and stenching

Of creeping naked limbs

And musky breasts

Of old discarded socks

And cool frooti drinks

Bathed in water

Swimming in sweat

Drip-drop, drip-drop

Little droplets collecting in pools

And flowing in streams

Steady and stinking and stale


And then a cool juicy plant

Leaves all turgid and watery

Glossy and green and soft

Cooling refreshing

Flakes and shards of ice

Piercing and plunging

The hearts of hell!

In the deep abyss

Of sweltering hotness

Bursting a fountain of ice

Breaking and crumbling glaciers

Sliding and smashing against

With devilish glee

Of fury and heat


A crackling rage and sweet nector

Of golden apples and tart mangoes

Birds humming and buzzing

A tune of heated dalliance








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