And How We Dance

We danced each night.
In the soft moonlight.
You reached for my hand;
And brought me to your chest.

We danced body and soul.
Together as one flame.
Your eyes gazed lovingly into mine;
There was no spotlight, yet, we shined!

We moved in fluid gentle motion;
Not one on the outside has a notion.
If they knew we were chosen.
They would cry, they would kneel.

While we danced through the years;
To heal our bodies through such war.
You have whispered secrets to my soul.
Yet, lost the rhythm, and are no longer whole.

You can only dance in my dreams…
Now you are broken at the seams.
As your brain bled upon itself…
You lost that half of yourself.

And still, we dance in our heart;
I am here and there, as you wish.
We speak, we dance in the mind;
You are my knight, one of a kind.

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