Bat Out Of Hell [Prompt 30]

Like a bat out of hell!

Teenage years,
Our angst …
Our emotional blow-up!
Do we run?
Should we stay,
Or should we go?
We sought to arrive,
so fast,
at last!
We would wake up,
to go go!
Like a bat out of hell!
A Rebel Yell!
We felt it all!
We lived in a material world…
with big hair,
neon, day-glo and blow!
Being like a virgin,
protected us,
to some degree …
I was (am) the Warrior!
Born to be wild;
…with a white wedding!
When I was really,
Slow dancin’,
swayin’ to the music.
Hell really was for children.
Time after time, though,
It was paradise by the dashboard light.
We are the champions,
we survived the 80s, acne, AIDS.
We told them all …
Leave us alone,
it’s my life!

7 thoughts on “Bat Out Of Hell [Prompt 30]

    1. Oh yes, soft rock. In fact, in AZ we had a station of “soft rock” in the 80s and my favorite. The soundtrack of my late teens and 20s. I turned 20 in 1983. It still doesn’t always feel like it was that long ago.
      Parts of me, of course, know it was that long ago!

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