Prompt Six (6): All Roads Lead To Broadway [Hour 6]

All Roads Lead To Broadway

A soft cool breeze … as I step outside to the fresh spring day!

The smell of New York City … from Central Park.

Green trees and chirping birds …

A song of joy …

A song of life!

Walking with a song in my head …

the notes clear, my voice stronger than ever …

Am I singing out loud? Of course, must rehearse …

and the sight of words that make my heart fill with love: Stage Door

Yes! I am on Broadway . .  .

The Greatest Place on Earth to us who love to . . .

perform theatre!

The smell of the crowd, the roar of the greasepaint . . .

Although, these days, it’s the smell of musty old theatre parts, clean costumes.

The greasepaint is Max Factor and a bit of pancake make-up. Microphones taped in your wig.

Still, a theatre, no matter where or what size … that wood and dust that makes an asthmatic wheeze;

yet, with joy!

Lights blinding me from the coughing, oohs and ahs of the blurred faces.

I can feel their energy, their expectation … butterflies move through my stomach and to my knees.

Nerves mean you care … their energy makes me fly high! I am flying high.

Never toked a day in my life, but every performance on stage … I fly!

Those hot lights feel like God himself is smiling at me . . .

summoning me to sing the joy in my heart and soul!

This is orgasm of the whole body … it’s like an explosion of ecstasy! BOOM!

Manifesting the dream! MAGICAL!

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