Prompt Ten (10): Shadows of Planets [Hour 10]


Losing Earth was harsh;

First we lost the sun…

We had warmth, but did not know from where;

The moon had a shadow, and it did provide light.

Maybe it kept the warmth, or the planet was warmed…

generations ago.

It’s 2120, and one hundred years ago,

my grandfather was born into a virus;

he never got it …

neither did his parents.

They were lucky, safe.

Resilient, perhaps?

He told me, for years…

How Earth had light …

And light had no sound.

His parents were deaf,

so they also had no sound.

He taught me to hear inside;

as he was taught by them.

We will travel out, if we have to…

I wonder if the sun still exists?

Somewhere, it must.

For I know, if it is remembered;

it still is.

And I still feel it.

I was born the day before

the Moon Shadow phase.

I remember the Sun.

I feel I heard it.

It had a sound for me.

Not anymore.


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