Prompt Two (2): Recipe For Procrastination

Recipe For Procrastination


  • Active mind
  • A sense of laziness
  • A love of naps
  • Insomnia
  • Some bursts of depression
  • Too much to do
  • Not enough to do
  • Easily bored
  • Aging

Take your active mind and mix it with too much to be done … for everyone else, usually … and a touch of perfectionism from your early years. You must be have experienced no longer having enough to do because you are retired or are in full menopause, with only a few hot flashes, retired and/or just no longer care.

You do not hate your sense of laziness, unless it means a burst of depression. Which may be a symptom of menopause from years ago. But, I guess it’s better than that bloody mess every freaking month. Or wait, naps are better and better each day. Maybe insomnia is not an issue if you can nap?

Here’s that active mind, and slower moving, achy body which can add to insomnia. A sense of laziness is fair; I mean, there was definitely too much to do then. Not to mention the cramps and sore breasts. Now, they just sag and feel, if anything . . . bored.

Sex? What’s that? Nah, a nap sounds better. Do it tomorrow.

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