3 A.M. Pancakes

Some people greet the sunrise,
Some sleep ’til eight or nine,
Still others lie abed ’til noon,
But night’s my time to shine.

The early bird may get the worm,
But that’s a poor reward,
For rolling out of bed each morn,
Before the day has cured.

The clock strikes midnight, and I know
For most the day is done.
I’m ready, willing, set to go,
My day has just begun!

I’m wide awake, productive now,
I”m working, playing, too,
The darkness lights a spark in me,
So very much to do!

Amid the games, the chores, the tasks,
That fill my nights, I’ll take
A lovely break ’round three a.m.
For chocolate chip pancakes.

The moon soon fades and stars subside,
I’m longing to adjourn now,
To drift and dream throughout the day,
I really am nocturnal!

(Hour 8, Poetry Marathon 2020. Random prompt: Write a poem with the title “3 A.M. Pancakes.”)

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