“She’s not allowed in the bedroom,”
I said
When we brought our kitten home.

She cried outside our door, and
I relented.
“She can come in during the day.”

She slept curled up behind my knees.
I loved it.
The cat, she ruled our house.

She snacked on aloe and creeping Charlie.
I wanted plants.
“We’ll put them high on the shelf.”

She liked to drink from toilet bowls.
I disapproved.
We flushed, and left lids raised.

She plotted to watch birds out of windows.
I cleared the sills.
The cat, she ruled our house.

She pushed her food onto the floor.
I hated the mess.
We bought deeper bowls, and floor mats.

She deposited hair on clothes and blankets.
I winced, shook my head.
We learned to love the lint brush.

She followed me with dogged intent.
I carried her. Always.
This cat, she ruled my heart.

(From a prompt: “The cat rules the house.”)

2 thoughts on “Empress

  1. “The cat, she ruled our house” made me smile each time I read, but then your last line “The cat, she ruled my heart” made me sigh. The funny little details along the way made you and your cat’s other people all the more human, even lovable. In my mind’s eye, this cat stays calm, and you all are dancing around the house in pleasing her. Smart cat, she is!

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