Hour 24: Photo prompt, Fireworks

The Independence Day fireworks
In my small hometown were also
Small. And rather sparse.
But we would drive
And sit in the car
And wait for what felt like
Hours, to see the next one

When I first saw the firework show for
Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night,
Officially kicking off the
Christmas shopping season
In the ‘burgh,
The dazzling display
Bursting over Point State Park
As I stood with college friends
In the November chill
Entranced me.

I moved to the suburbs,
Where I lay back on the grass
At the local football field
And watched the myriad colors
Rain down, seemingly, all around me
One steamy Fourth of July.
My husband,
Himself of a scientific bent,
Explained the how and the why,
Despite my stated preference
Not to know.
To me, they were just

As the world closed in on me,
Making me more aware
Of trouble, of climate,
Of a need for urgent action,
I struggled to find the magic.
The human rights abuses
And dangerous working conditions
Nagged at me.
The environmental damage
Hounded me.
The magic died.
And with it,
A piece of

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