Like a girl

I want to play soccer, Mama.
Can I have a soccer ball?
Soccer’s a boy’s game, darling.
But, I’ll play it like a girl.

I want to climb the apple tree,
Mama, can I please?
Only boys scale trees, my darling.
But, I’ll climb it like a girl.

I want to ride the big horse, Mama,
And race, and feel the breeze.
Racing’s a sport for boys, my dear.
But, I’ll mount up like a girl.

Math’s my favorite class now, Mama;
I need a graphing calculator.
Boys will calculate for you, now darling.
But, I’ll figure like a girl.

Colleges are queuing up
and courting me now, Mama!
Boys are better students, dear child.
But, I’ll learn like a girl.

I’ll take a job as an engineer,
Mama, did you hear?
Boys make plans and build, my dear.
But, I’ll design like a girl.

I’ll play and climb and ride and learn,
And, Mama, don’t you see?
The boys, though talented enough,
Cannot compare to me.

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