My roundabone is worth five men

On a minzap far away,
Where toepoes and gadzeroes play

I found a pet to call my own,
A hairy purple roundabone.

My roundabone is quite a prize,
You just will not believe your eyes.

He knows ten tricks and uses words
Like dopplegang and whirlibird.

He cleans and cooks, and even mends,
My roundabone is worth five men!

The only problem he presents
is when the tarkington wants rent.

Old tarkington takes rent by weight,
He wants to charge us twice times eight!

Dear roundabone may have to go,
I’ll trade him for a buzzletoe.

A buzzletoe is mighty small,
He’ll hardly cost much rent at all.

I’ll miss old roundabone for sure,
But I can’t afford him any more.

(Hour 23, Poetry Marathon 2020. Write a poem about an imaginary pet or person. The poem can be from your perspective, the perspective of a neutral third party, or from the perspective of the imaginary pet or person themselves.)

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