Please, just wash your hands!

Hands on counters, faucets, floors,
Hands on tables, knobs of doors.

Hands on cheeks and rubbing eyes,
Hands cover yawns and plaintive sighs.

Hands pet dogs, stroke kitty cats,
Hands throw balls and grip toy bats.

Hands lift food, and forks and knives,
Hands hold hands of husbands, wives.

Hands reach out and hands pat backs,
Hands comfort, soothe, pick up the slack.

Hands keep busy all the time,
Collecting germs and dirt and grime.

So keep them clean and join the band
Of people who just wash their hands!


(Hour 13, Poetry Marathon 2020. Write a poem about a physical activity you do all the time. It could be something mundane and chore related, such as brushing your teeth or mowing the lawn, or it could be something you do for fun, or for your health, like running or swimming.)

2 thoughts on “Please, just wash your hands!

  1. This one is the anthem of America now. Oh say, can you wash your hands. Good one.

    Hope you can return the favor and look at a few of mine. Thanks in advance.

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