Poem no.24 Triplicate

Very little (if any) poetic merit in this, my final poem for the 2017 Poetry Marathon. But an awful lot of love.

When I look at the old farm around me
Three things I never fail to see:
I accept how it is, I remember how it was,
and I still dream of how it will be.

This is where I’ll end my days.
This is where I made my start.
This is where I have found my peace.
This is where I’ll rest my heart.

11 thoughts on “Poem no.24 Triplicate

    1. Danielle – you’re more than kind, thank you! You’ve absolutely hit the nail on its head – this is, indeed, my core essence. I adore this old farm more than anything else in life – and I am grateful for the days that are given to me to spend here!

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