Poetry Marathon Submission #7

Spring Kigo, Haiki Set
Ann WJ White

Nesting birds arrive.
Singing bright lullabies near,
Filling the green trees.

Old frogs leap and call,
Turning spring dances in air,
Waiting for lovers.

Spring's optimism
Decorates blooming plants and
Leaf kaleidoscopes

Storms lash out above,
Elaborate referees
Washing winter away.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Marathon Submission #7

  1. Beautiful imagery Ann! This set of Haikus was very vivid. And, thank you for introducing me to the idea and concept that HAikus can be done in sets. I love this length! “Leaf kaleidoscopes” pulls me in… Yes, kaleidoscopes of colour. Amazing metaphor! I also loved the imagery and alliteration of the last stanza! Beautiful poem! I hope you consider submitting this.

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