Mysterious She

With a series of follies
She was to agonize
But otherwise
She was, One amongst the Wise

With the sparkle in her eyes
Unseen were her tries
And a mouth full of lies
Unheard were her cries

To the broken ties
She said goodbyes
But love never dies
She was made, just to rise

Unending were her flies
Infinite were her skies
Limitless were her spies
Years together, she was in guise

Unlike many a guys
Never did she compromise
Supernal were her highs
All she did, was, without sighs

Late did she realize,
Fate for her had a surprise;
Everything comes with a price
And On her knees she had to apologize

Yet it is a reprise;
Again, she lives her life king size
Her follies met a demise
And watching the sunrise
She’s all butterflies!

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