A bunch full of flowers in the hands
Colorful and beautiful
Flow out to spread fragrance
In the house

A bunch full of thoughts in the mind
Wise and wonderful
Flow out to spread brilliance
In the conscience

A bunch full of virtues in the heart
Powerful and truthful
Flow out to spread oneness
In the life

2 thoughts on “

  1. Nice simple structure
    Lovely sentiments
    Though I’m wondering whether there’s a fraction too much repetition in such a short poem.

    8 *full sounds in 12 lines

    “A bunch of flowers” is stronger than “A bunch full of flowers”

    Also for verse 2&3 could you use poesy & bouquet (or other words) just to give line more variety & colour

    & finally instead of “flow” each verse could the word connect to the subject — ie “pump out to spread oneness” (or “beat” or “pulse” or something other word connected to blood/the heart)

    Hope this helps

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