O Pilot! O Pilot!
Our mouths were screaming in fear
As the deadly ocean waves came towards the ship
It was as if some monster was blowing away the wind from its mouth

A violent, gray, funnel-shaped cloud, rotating in contact with the ground…
Alas! It’s a tornado coming towards the ship!
Our celebration was all going to be washed away with the giant wave

To prevent the ship from drifting away
Soon an anchor was dropped from the ship,
All could hear the loud bells ringing

Girls and Boys
Enjoying the great adventure as it seemed
Blind eyes turning towards them, expressionless
As the brave one fought, risked life for saving the ship

But O Dear Love! Dear Heart! O Heart!
O! the blood was lost
The ship was saved, leaving the captain on the death bed

The ghostly event was over
Only the cries and the haunting memories remained!

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