In the quest of her realm
She was a wandering soul
Discovering life
She grew
And knew that she herself was a gem!

In the thirst of knowledge
She was a wondering soul
Totally in aww of herself
Constantly questioning her identity
Somehow she knew
She was infinity!

Whilst her life itself had no meaning
Every little thing had a meaning in her life
But while she was alive
She was a witness to everything

Strange were her ways
She went on with the sways
Empty were her days
And success had delays

2 thoughts on “She

  1. Like it but
    Feels like this one ends too quickly.

    Also the 4 way rhyme last stanza doesn’t work for me.

    Like these:
    Strange were her ways
    Empty were her days

    But I don’t understand these 2 lines:
    She went on with the sways
    And success had delays

    1. Last 4 lines mean..

      She had her own ways of doing things.. which were strange for people..,,
      She just went with the flow.. (never planned anything .. hardly had a goal to achieve, didn’t have anywhere to reach) and so, she was successful but late!

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