I’m on an adventure
Diving into my heart
Where I will find the treasure
But first I must find
The map, my inspiration
Perhaps I could look to my love
For it brings me elation
Teaching me the new trends
There is also my family
Who is always encouraging me
But they can make things chaotic
And my love can be quite quixotic

So I look to the sky
And to the trees around
Everything in nature I spy
where my passion is found
I can soar past all the stress
and just delve in the beauty of the outdoors
Although, even better is the sound
And the music that opens doors
Through which under indeas I am drowned
These unlikely pleasures awaken my heart
and give my inward journey a kickstart
Hope and creativity
Peace and guidance
I find.
And that is where my heart belongs
Right in the middle of Nature and Sound

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