Hour Seven – Fierce Dog

I found this a difficult prompt because I couldn’t make out the lirics of the song, so I used the picture of the dog on the cover as a prompt…

Image courtesy of Chiemsee 2016


I heard a noise that startled me

And went outside, weapon in hand

I saw fiery eyes and flashing teeth

Coming at me

Ready to fire, I waited

Something cautioned me not to use the gun

The creature became more tangible

The closer it got to me

And still, I waited

I heard a low growl, and aimed

Suddenly, she became visible in the light

of a the street lamp

beneath which I stood;

Eyes begging, she lay down at my feet

and I knew that I couldn’t pull the trigger

I kneeled at her side and stroked her head;

We became best friends forever…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

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