Hour Five – Reflection on Time

Image courtesy of Annca at Pixabay


Once upon a Summer Dream

On a beach tinted gold

By the rays of Sol,

I watched shadows

Growing old too soon

And disappear…


Startled, I saw the sun dive out of sight

Making way for

An overly- eager moon

And suddenly, it was dark…

But, as Luna smiled upon the ocean,

She turned the golden beach to silver…


I barely had a minute to admire the scene

When her silver began to fade

As she bowed out

And left only the stars behind;

I smiled and winked at my special star,

Amazed at how fast her glitter seemed to dim…


Early dawn, and Sol was back,

Galloping across the sky

And a few moments later

Luna smiled upon the waves again,

Then bowed and disappeared…

Leaving only the stars again

Disappearing in fleeting moments…


In retrosppect, I couldn’t help

but realize the tragedy of time

Just hurtling by us as we,

In ignorance, perpetually fail

To grip, and take hold of,

Even a single moment…

And virtually let our entire life slip away

And disappear…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

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