Control, Alt, Delete!

Pressing all these keys, yet the virus does not deplete.

This Covid19/Corona virus has no cure.

No antivirus can be installed, for your system to secure.


Conspiracy Theories, abound,

that makes my head spin round and round.

Yet there is an increase in the infection rate

and no decrease in the death rate.


The virus lingers in the air.

To cough, to sneeze, beware!

On surfaces, it may reside.

On the soles of the shoes, it may hide.


The virus may enter through the eyes, mouth or nose.

Hence, breathing problems, it may pose.

On a ventilator, in a hospital, you may be.

The virus attacks your lungs, if you have a co morbidity.


Whether it is false or true,

from being infected with this or any other virus,

may God save me and you!

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