3. The hand of God.

Looking for the local beggar

on the street corner

to hand to him, some leftover food

that was wholesome, nourishing and good.


But he was not there!

Were could he be   O’ were!

What would I now with the food do

Before it turns to a messy goo!


Up and down,  I drive on the street.

My eyes searching in the heat.

I am now for work, late.

Were would the beggar be hiding, I berate!


I’m almost at my office  30 minutes later.

Forgotten is the parcel for the beggar

On my window , a sharp rap rap.

Startled, I stare at this disheveled chap.

” Sorry Sir! I am very  hungry,

do you have any food or money”


The food I hand over

as he nods, smiles and saunter.

I think this is profound.

There was a reason why the beggar on my street was not around.

Because God destined that this food for that particular person be found.

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