This month Bollywood was rocked:

an actor had died.

It is alleged that he,

committed suicide.


What draws a person, to take the life of his own?

Is depression, so strong that it will pull you down?

Sinking and sinking in its murky dark depth,

suffocating you, eventually asphyxiating your breath.


When depression, slithers its cold tentacles, is suicide the only choice?

Can no one reach out to you, with a sound reasonable voice?

The terror and trauma of the final moment,

when life ebbs away, in death indecent.


The horror and pain of the loved ones left behind,

when the lifeless body, discovered and find.

The guilt, as they come to terms for realising that they could do something,

that could prevent you from this act, committing.


Seek help, if you are in depression,

because suicide is definitely not an option.

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