Not Nonsense

Is very detrimental
To my creative process

Like seeing is to hearing
Like hearing is to seeing
Like tasting and smelling

Distracted senses don’t
Find their Muse
They just… muse

With that
A barking squirrel
Commands the birds outside

Cars go by and
People stir
Every damn dog reacts

Like the noise we make
Like it’s a reply
Like it’s not nonsense

A Panic Attack Begins

Throat closing
Breaths shallow
Dizzy, sure I’ll die
Or pass out
Though I haven’t before
And this happens all the time

Spinning all around me
People of levels of normalcy
Avoiding their eyes
I don’t see the faces
But I hear
Muttering voices that make no words

Weird Like Me

Admit it.
You’ve scribbled verse on toilet paper
In the bathroom
On the toilet
Before text messaging from there was even a thing.

We’ve written poems on
Napkins in diners full of
Scrambled words of drunk folks
All around us, yet we can
Focus, suddenly, and must – MUST write it down.

Admit it.
You’ve read it later, and thought,
Why did I think this was so profound?
That I interrupted all around
To write it on what would have been trash…

We’ve done these things because
You’re weird like me and
Profound profanity speaks to you in verse
At inopportune moments
Like 24 hours a day

Will You

If it’s cold and dark and raining
Will you still smile indoors?

When the sun is hot and burns you
Will you curse it, or revel?

Life will bring you love
Will you take it or leave it?

When it’s too much to take
Will you see too much to leave behind?

If it’s uncertain at every turn
Will you keep going?

My Eyes

My eyes need not dry
When I wake in the rain
They are swollen, tired, red,
And obviously insane

While the rain falls
Meeting dew, each blade of grass
I wonder what I’ve dreamt of,
Why my eyes, it did harass

Each night
Dreams of you are haunting
Waking finds your memory
Overwhelming and daunting

All of the sleeping pills
In all of the world
I tried that once,
I just cried harder, and hurled

Why sleep when
There’s just no escaping
The memory of you –
And my dreams it is raping?

Good intentions were lost
When first, we awoke
In bed together, knowing
That a secret’s a joke

Now, our inside joke
Is hardly secret, but still
It was our agreement
Your words, and my will

Now look at my eyes
Waking puffy and uncertain
Failing to see the rain I hear
Hiding behind my curtain

I need not see it
I know it is there
Like the tears that plague my eyes
While I toss and turn and care

If I were dreaming
Or if I were you
It wouldn’t be so desperate, dark,
When reality comes through

These nightmares may not
Cause me to scream
But allowed to yell aloud
Maybe that’s how it would seem

By day, I mindfully
Get over your lust
By night, I know
It was more, there was trust

You fell for me first
You took me down, too
Now if only we stayed there,
I’d be in love with you.

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I am poetry personified.

Hi, fellow poets.  This is my first marathon, but I’m doing the full 24 hours.  The challenge is invigorating, and inviting.  I think it’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to it.  What I most look forward to is reading my poems days or weeks later, and seeing what’s good, great, and what is total crap.  Each time I write, I think it’s gold, until I read it later.  This will be a leap into 24 hours of my brain, in its first language.  I feel we don’t just write poetry as a skill or talent – it’s a need.  Poets cannot fully be who they are without an outlet for verse.

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