Self Protection

Build a wall to cross the ocean
Protect the water from itself
Add sand to the beach that lies there
Visit the wall and turn back fast
Angered water must reunite
Send a message to their captors
Steal back the rocks from the wall
Make inroads and take all their land

Hiding Behind the Mask

Minuscule marks line up
a painting of black and blue
scars and left-over whip
lines a beauty destroyed
by taunts and torture because
he is different and young
and now he can only
brave showing himself
from the saddened lips
of a young man’s aged skin
down his battered torso
and even then he hides
the shame of who he is
by wearing a mask that says
all is fine all is well
nothing could be better

Beauty Hides

The fairy coloured
her hair to disguise
herself in sunlight,
hair clip held her hair
and exposed flowers
around her small neck.

She sat in the open
among the flowers
and took in the aroma
and butterfly warmth
seen by no one
but those who believe.

Dangerous Art

The window was a piece of art
abstract and colourful
lights mirroring on the dark street
like night’s stars on a lake
Sudden realization comes
How can the driver see
the lanes and the intersections
Red light means the bus must stop but
it travels through scaring all cars
passengers hold in their screams

Looking, Debating, Choosing

I took his hand
and followed him
down every path
and hoped

he’d accept me
the way I am
no matter what
and found

I never pleased
my father nor
could I please

I encouraged
our children
the wrong way
it seems

words to me void
cruel to daughter
we do every-
thing wrong

I now wonder
if she will live
or if she will
fall under

railroad tracks
between trucks
nooses and

I now wonder
why I bothered
trying to survive
this life

I know I’ve failed
my children
my husband

do I turn left
do I turn right
do I crash us all
in the darkest night

I stand alone
in this road’s fork
debating our fate

The Beginning of the End

The hardened soil
could not stay down
long enough to grow
The wind drove hard
throughout the day
whipping all in its
Life was nowhere
except far away
among the bright

Before It Began or Shortly After

Sound traveled meaninglessly
in the dark that knew no light.
Invisible gasses spewed
and sent rocks hurtling around.
The path might have been straight
or it might have been circular.
How the gasses came about,
the chemicals needed
and the heat, are secrets
buried deep in the darkness.

Pebbles Will Always Find You

Pebbles from gravel roads sneak into your shoes,
reminding you when you were younger,
even when you walk on hot asphalt
to the job you need to survive
in the world where you’re drowning,
losing all sense of joy,
forgetting laughter,
becoming numb,
They still
find a way
to contact you
and bring you back home
with fond memories biking
too fast on them and sliding
between wheel stops, along brick walls
that scraped your young skin clean off the bones,
giving them a chance to enter your blood
momentarily before cleaning them out.

How to be a Biblioklept

Her shelves were covered
with books in every
size, every colour,
every language
you could think.
Her floors disappeared
under the books open
on passages she loved
and marked with bookmarks
in different places
throughout each treasure.
How did she get them?
What was her method?
Acquisition was simple.
Approach was quick.
Simply go to the
bookstore or go
to the library.
Run your fingers
along shelves and piles.
Pick up and put down.
Take what feels right
even if you don’t
know what it’s about.
Hold them close to your heart.
Breathe in the aroma.
Check them out or forget.
Place in bag or in purse.
Return home with them.
Place the new trophies
on the book-covered floor.
Read a few words and
find a place on the
shelf, if at all.
Repeat every chance you get.


Haunted Houses (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) Erased

The harmless phantoms
make no sound
at the doorway, on the stair,
come and go,
silent as the pictures on the wall.
Owners and occupants
around this world
And the more noble
come from
an undiscovered planet in our sky.
And the moon
o’er the floating bridge of light
sways and bends
our thoughts.