Hour 19 – the aliens are here

a massive string of smaller organisms joined together

spiraling in the open ocean creating a frequency and energetic crackling that leaves us wondering about their power

they aren’t of this world
we need to know how to communicate with them

people never expect the real aliens because movies have sold us on little green men or their grey counterparts

big heads and big eyes

but what if aliens have taken over the biggest wilderness on earth — the ocean

a spiraling string of death hunting in the open ocean, we weren’t meant to see it yet



Hour 18- Just Perfect

Mom was going all out with the meal. It wasn’t her usual way when it came to cooking. She was usually pretty basic and practical. The kitchen was chaos with every counter covered with the supplies for multiple recipes in progress.

Her brothers were coming over and she wanted to come across as perfect and having it all together. No one expected this and maybe that’s why she was trying so hard.

I would have happily stayed hidden in my room all night or just disappeared. I even tried to drum up a school-related excuse. But since my school has instituted a ‘no homework over holidays policy’, it’s ruined my usual excuse to seclude myself from the boisterous family interactions.

Naomi, could you give me a hand in here? my mom shouts at me already sounding exasperated. Do I have to? I reply. Immediately, I know this was the wrong thing to say.

I go into the kitchen and look for the least interactive thing I can do. I offer to take out the compost and recycling. 

The doorbell rings. Mom is covered in flour and I hear her swear under her breath. I know she’s pissed that her most critical brother is always early and his saccharine wife will offer to help. This really means that she will stand around the kitchen criticizing my mom’s every move.

Mom wasn’t having it this year. She had a strategy where she quickly put drinks in their hands and sent them to the living room. I could see that she was determined this year would be perfect.

Hour 17- Leave A Message at the Beep

It was raining
and I missed you

It was late
but that wasn’t unusual
late-night meetings were our thing

I stopped at the payphone
that sat on the far side of the parking lot
of the liquor store down the street

no answer
I left a message on your answering machine
drove to your house
knocked on your door
no answer

your car sat in the driveway
and another on the street directly in front
of your house — I knew that car

I could feel my heartbeat fill my ears
disbelief at my discovery

I stormed off
pausing to leave the crunch bar I bought you
on the windshield of your car

I drove back to the same payphone
Used my calling card to check the messages
on my answering machine
just in case you left me a message

I called you and left another message
I left another
I left too many

Just one more

and then it was you who picked up
righteous anger masking guilt
her voice faint in the background

If you had just picked up the phone
the first time
I wouldn’t have left
a message after the beep



Hour 16 – How I know

How do I know?

Tonight, he made us grilled cheese sandwiches in the waffle maker.

At lunch, he made a smoothie made with fruits to perfectly complement the meal.

He remembered, he searched and found a gazebo and built it so we can spend time in the mosquito-infested backyard.

He not only goes clothes shopping with me but can find the right size and style that work for me.

He makes food, he cleans, he fixes things, gives me space to be me and do what I need. He pays attention to what I need.

His affections expressed through action.

That’s how I know.

Hour 15 – flying to a foreign land

Flying to a foreign land for the first time
is always a rush

No matter the number of times I’ve flown
the moment the plane reaches the front of the line
for the take-off runway and brings the engines to
the crescendo of power – I remember what we are about to do
the speeding wheels on the ground make my stomach turn
and then lift off

Once in the air, I immediately feel calm
I watch eagerly out the window
as the world recedes and transforms into
a miniature play thing
I remember, I like this — being in the air

The clouds form a fluffy boundary between us
and the world below

Away from it all- gliding and floating
feels natural
suspended in an alternate and isolated reality
with food and beverage service

An announcement interrupts- arrival is imminent
The reminder I am going somewhere new
I’ve never been
I have to speak a new language, learn a new culture
be wrong and confused a lot and a little helpless

The plane lands and the seal is broken
Walking the ramp to the airport
plucked out of the sky and dropped into a new land

Hour 14- My garden mothers me

Plants can be so unassuming
a mass of green that all seem the same
until you pay attention and see their
unique beauty and the dynamic movement and changes
they orchestrate on the planet

I sat with the plants to have a chat
whispering in my mind to each one
what do you do? what are your gifts?

To my surprise
words formed in my mind
Calendula tells me she heals skin and stomach linning
Yarrow tells me she can disinfect and stop bleeding

Are these the voices of the plants
or is it my DNA unlocking secrets of my ancestors
shaking out the memories of generations before me

Plants and people
born together or from the same ancestors?
Plant cells and our cells vibrate together

My garden speaks to me and holds me
when I need to be mothered the most

Hour 13- To Run

To run is a privilege and a gift

when I forget this
and slip into complaint mode
I remember Dina — my dear friend
who was a most spectacular runner

Her spirit of determination was unbreakable
An athletic prowess that was admirable
Tenacious, competitive and fierce

Then she lost her leg to cancer
that didn’t stop her
she remained a badass fitness freak
she was unstoppable

She went four rounds with cancer
fighting, believing and learning all the way
But then the cancer took her from us

I was there when she took her last breath
it was an honor to be in the circle of witness
but it was devastating  to see her go so soon

When I consider giving up during a run
I call to Dina
I remember her and push a little harder
she doesn’t put up with whining or self-pity
she reminds me I have the strength
within me

To run is to face my state of my mind
traversing the edge between known and unknown
testing what is possible

I can apply the science, fuel the body,
sharpen the form and harness the breath

but then I must let go
and give the work to my body
trusting it’s intelligence and strength

To run is to face whatever demons
are inhabiting my mind
sift through perceptions and myths
manufactured there

To run is to be faced with the choice
how will I speak to myself
will I be a bully or an ally

To run is to honor those who
are no longer able
and embrace the gift
of this precious body
this precious life

Hour 12 – First Sentence


We’ll get there in a little while
I’ll tell you everything
You might tell the truth
I’ll take it as it comes
It won’t be easy
you and I
are up to the task

Hour 11- Proxima Centauri b

Imagine how much you would appreciate a day
if 11 days = 1 year

Imagine how much you would appreciate the light
if half your planet was always dark

Imagination is not necessary
if you live on Proxima Centauri b

A planet locked in position
One side in eternal dark winter
The other — only summer in an unforgiving and baked desert

With an equatorial region that rings around the planet
temperatures just right for liquid water

This place in between — The boundary, the edge
is where life can thrive

Hour 10 – Moon Shadow Alert

Full moon bright in the sky
casting shadows that delight
moon shadow following you

do not let it catch you
for if it does
according to ancient legend
one by one
it will take or make you lose
a part of you

if you think this is fine and will
relieve you of some responsibility
do not be tempted 

Because moon shadows
are relentless

count your blessings
and get inside
before you lose your
mouth, hand or eyes