Poem #14

mother nature’s beauty,
they want to destroy her,
she can never be damaged.

Poem #13

“be happy”
my brain tells me i don’t deserve to be.
“be happy”
society tells me it’s easy.
“be happy”
family says it’s not hard.
“be happy”
think positive thoughts, why are you always thinking negative?
“be happy”
i’m here for you whenever you need to talk.
“be happy”
you have so much in your life to be grateful for, stop being so spoiled.
“be happy”
other people have it worse than you do.
“be happy”
you should talk to a therapist.
“be happy”
smile more or else you’ll get wrinkles.
“be happy”
why are you so sad all the time?
“be happy”
“Be Happy”
“BE HA-…”

Poem #12

blue and purple combine
sunsets ethereal glow
the day may be over
but the night is just beginning.

Poem #11

why did you leave?
your life was cut short.
why did you leave?
you still had so much to see.
why did you leave?
you have so much more to accomplish.
why did you leave?
you still had so many people left to inspire.
why did you leave?
you could’ve started your own family.
why did you leave?
your mom cries every night.
why did you leave?
i still cry every night.
why did you leave?
why did you leave?
why did you leave?
you didn’t want to but Heaven
doesn’t wait.

Poem #10

not a cloud in sight.
the sky is a brilliant blue.
the sun radiates causing the ground to ripple.
sweat beads at the nape of your neck.
seeking a cool place to sit.
the shade is nowhere to be found.
you feel your skin beginning to heat.
pinkish red your skin begins to tan.
seek shelter or else the sun will have its way with you soon.

Poem #9

you tell me you’re sorry.
you promise you won’t do it anymore.
you didn’t mean to hurt me.
you can’t control your anger.
you promise you’ll stop.
you beg me not to leave.
you tell me you’re losing control.
but you do it again and again and again…

Poem #8

thoughts wander…
are you thinking of me
too? sleep, you say.

Poem #7

she talks with her hands,
movements become excessive.
her smile grows.
her teeth peak through.
she looks at you, tells her story
the ache within fighting to make itself
she feels it begin to build.
that familiar unwanted feeling.
clutch her chest
tears stinging the corners of her eyes
blink away the droplets.
excuses herself from the conversation.
can she excuse herself from existing as well?
bathroom stall, smells of perfume and something else
she can’t quite place.
sits on the floor, focuses on the
fading white tile.
her breath fights its way
through her lungs
she wants to scream
who will hear her?
hands get numb
what if she loses all her
feeling this time?
curls into a ball
she forgets
how to breathe
when will this end already?

Poem #6

she puts your texts on mute
she no longer wants to dispute.
negative talk
you always know the right words to say
to make her question her
you know all she ever does is
you love to test the limits
of her thoughts.
push her
see how far
she can think.
be careful
one day she
may forget

Poem #5

water droplets splash
corn stalks beg for a taste
satiating the endless thirst