So Hard to give
Yet so easy to break
even easier to just shatter
Why would I give my trust

All I’ve had was someone
Tear it down
Rip it apart
Stomp on it
And leave it
to rot away on the floor

Never had someone
not stomp on it
or use it for a punching bag
So why would I give it?

You didn’t deserve it
but I gave it
I followed you around
Like some starstruck teen
and you used it

twisted it
for your own purposes
your own agenda

He didn’t deserve it
I gave it again
despite its fragility

He built it up
Just to watch it fall
as I lay there

bruised and broken
but still there

still willing to give it
still willing to be opened
and stomped on
torn apart
and shattered

Has anything changed?
Its still there
still given freely
still abused

Still shattered at the end of the day

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