Hey there
I haven’t seen you in awhile
I’ve called and texted
but you’ve not returned any
that’s why I’m here on your door

Let me in

You look like hell man
your clothes are flithy
you house looks like you haven’t
cleaned in months
and I’d say you’re not sleeping

because you look pretty rough
around the edges
What can I do to help you?

Talk to me

Today was gonna be the day man
I had everything planned out
I had things ready to go, was going
live today, and then just, well…
How can I say this

I was going to kill myself

The walls were closing in
I wasn’t myself anymore
everything’s just so hopeless
I feel like I’m crawling out of my

I don’t really want to die
But I’m just so miserable
anymore I just don’t know what
to do.

Help me

First thing first
We are going to get you the
help you need.
I’ll be right here holding your hand
if you want me to

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