6 pm

Down the deserted road
I walk
unable to stop myself
urgently trying to get there
though I don’t know why

The bell from the old church
still rings out the hour
tonight though especially
it just seems so creepy

The street lights seem
darker than usual tonight
as I make my way into this
hallowed, eternal
resting place

I know where I’m going
I’ve been here at least a
thousand times
I could do it blindfolded

Up three statues
left by the old pine
up another four statues
back one row from the

You can’t seem to keep your
space neat and tidy
as I pick old dead leaves
off and brush the dirt away

I shouldn’t be here this late
so close to midnight
especially not on Halloween
but I know a guy, and he lets me
in after hours

I can feel a chill wind
picking up and I smell the
storm rolling in
when I hear a voice behind me

Welcome, We’ve been expecting you
and have prepared this place for you.

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