Mournful train whistle
headed out of town
Is there room for one

My bag is packed
I have all I need
I won’t be returning
There’s nothing here
for me anymore

I need a change of scenery
I can’t stay here
May I board the train now?
I have my ticket right here
I don’t want to be late

Please Sir,
What’s the hold up?
I’ve heard the call
of all aboard
Please don’t leave me here
alone at the station

I’ll do anything-
I’ve seen them board this very train
not long ago-
I have to find them
Let me through!

Standing there
trying to push through
I’ve seen them
I know I have

I’m sorry miss
I can’t let you board
this train
You don’t have the
right ticket

Where this train is going
you won’t need that bag
It’s a one way trip
you won’t be coming back

They aren’t on this train
I don’t know what you
think you saw
but there’s nothing at this
station for you
Go home.

Yes they are!
I deserve to see for myself
I’ve heard the final call
Let me pass!

Go home child
You’re not ready for this trip
You think becasue you packed
a bag, this is a sleepover?
It’s not!

Try to understand-
I’m doing you a kindness
heed my words-
this train is not for you

Falling to my knees
begging please
I can’t stand to be here anymore
I know where this train is headed
and I want to go too

I know I won’t be back
I hurt for that
I know I can’t change my mind
once I’m on the train
and I am at peace with that

I can see you hurt for this
decision that I am making
and it IS my decision
I am making it free and clear

Give me your ticket
we will see
This train is not for you
but it’s not my choice

Nervously I wait-
The train’s been delayed
and that means angry people
but there’s only stillness

I’ve spoken to my boss
He says you may not board
Your ticket is not good today
maybe in a few years
you can try again

So there’s not room for one more
I’ve wasted your time
I had to be on that train
and now I have to wait

I’m sorry
I have to go
We’re pulling out
good bye!

Standing there alone
watching until you’re out
of sight
weeping silently

Mournful train
headed out of town
there wasn’t room for one more
But I snuck aboard anyway
at least a part of me

Don’t forget me

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