Random Thoughts part two–7am

Long lost traveler-
where have you been?
What are the lessons
you’ve learned?
Who have you met
along the way?

There’s been a moment
or two-
or more
Where I thought I’d
cash it all in
leave- Not come back
What would it be for?

I’m sitting here in a
prison of my own making
nothing else seemed ok

Can I cash it in?
just for one night
die- have no regrets
see what the other side
has to offer.

Well hello there Death
What have you to offer?
a smooth comfortable ride
or a walk on the wild side
where we going first?

I’ve never seen someone
die before-
It’s always been-
one second you’re here, the next
no one’s home

time can’t be turned back-
be easy if you could-
do so many things over
til you got them right

Where we going next friend
to revisit old forgotten memories
better left alone?

Keep knocking on the devil’s door
long enough, eventually he’s
gonna answer you
can you handle that?

Regrets had
decisions made
roads taken-
or not

what was it for?

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