City Adventures

With landscapes so lovely
It’s hard to not be joyous
Immersed in this loud
Bustling city
A sense of peace
Makes its way through these city adventures

Yes! City adventures,
You know those that leave you feeling quite lovely
They bring about this tantalizing peace
Is what you feel in these busy city
Streets… streets so loud

From the loud
Invigorating adventures
One gets lost and finds oneself in this city
This lovely
Place… a place where in the nonstop distractions one can seek its peace

A peace
That silences the noises around and leaves you with your loud
Voices in your mind… they cry with a joyous
Yearning for the inexperienced adventures
Whose memories leave a lovely
After taste in this beautifully tainted city

In this beautifully tainted city
The misunderstood find their peace
In the most unnatural lovely
ways… They look unlike the rest, making statements so loud
One can only see the uniqueness of this city through the unexpected adventures
One decides to take… it is joyous!

This city
and its adventures
Create this spell-bounding peace
Even in its loud
And upbeat tempo… One can’t help but feel lovely

Experience this joyous never ending peace
This city creates with its loud
Indescribable adventures… this city is amazing and lovely…

-Angelica Villarruel

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