“I’m sure you have no trouble realizing
that people occasionally misunderstand each other”

“Actually, I do!, she replied
She could not fathom
the thought of being
and feeling

As hard as she tried
She found it troublesome
to wrap her mind
around that idea
of why she would
or any one else
be part of someone’s misunderstanding

She lived her life
being straight forward
in what she said
especially in what she did
she figured every one else
lived their life
with that standard in mind

Pondering that thought
She realized
that she is part
of the masses
As taxing as the idea
may be
She couldn’t help
but agree
that every one
at some point
is misunderstood
to a certain degree

-Angelica Villarruel

*The first two lines of the poem comes from the book “Mindwise” by Nicolas Epley *

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