He was such a precocious child
He was such a warm-hearted child
He was such an affectionate child

He has become so apathetic
He has become so cold
He has become so hard

Yet I love him still and forever.

(OK, this one tested my poetic mettle, as I’ve never been keen on form poetry.)

4 thoughts on “Sevenling

    1. Hi Cristy! Isn’t this precisely why we signed on for this? For the challenge! Thinking outside the box! 😉 Hope you’re enjoying the experience! May the words and style find you…

  1. I’m a Half Marathoner, so I’m done! No regrets, even ended with a couple I like and 1 prompt (Hour 12) I opted out of. I’ll stretch my wings, but Erasure doesn’t suit me…I can still hear my 12th grade English teacher lecturing about it being plagiarism. And she thought I wasn’t listening!

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