For What It’s Worth

The scorching sun has disappeared into the dark musky clouds

Here I sit on the moor talking to myself again, aloud

I wish you’d known many things before we met

I wish you thought of yourself as important

Then maybe you wouldn’t have left me without

I wish you would listen as I listen to you

Can you just be still, and listen?

To realize that no means NO and not try again

I wish you could see me as an equal

And stare at me to say, my partner

I wish you could be you instead of a hypocrite

I wish you knew that tiny gestures just put me on cloud 9

I wish you realize that big surprises are just the tip of the iceberg

I wish you could feel free and kiss me senseless

I wish you could forget tomorrow and laugh with no worry

For what it’s worth,

Some call me insane but I was never seen

Ever since the time, I became the punch in need of a bag

With your mighty fists that always knocked me down cold

What a transformation it gave me

An obsession with my with foundations and concealers

A shapeless glutton with a face I didn’t remember anymore

Taking that pain and shaving my hair

locked up into rehabilitation

Christened for redemption

So that I could find myself again

Just imagine,

If you had caressed my face instead of crushing it

If you had wrapped your hands around me to give me warmth

What joy that would have been

I would have been so incensed with your love and attention

Giving my heart and devotion you

Served on a platter

For what it’s worth,

I learned a lot from you

I hope you did too.


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