She said

 She said, stick to your voice

Don’t let anyone tell you neither

They will come as they go

As life as always let me behind


She said, fear the friends

Of the ostrich and the vultures

They have wings

And they will fly

And their legs will leave you behind


She said, walk by the path

For the sun is yet to go down

When it does the lamp comes on

So that old age won’t be a waste


She said,  run now that you can

Your muscled feet will puff

And scram the forest

For there, the meat lies

So that you won’t grow up hungry


She said, be selfish once to thyself

But give to others, learn to give

Giving is seed

The flower is the blessing

So that your hands  won’t be folded


She said, lead the way

Because no one will want to

But they will follow you

When you are not static


She said, don’t be afraid

Fear is just a friend

So that when death comes kicking

You won’t be caught unaware.


My Momma said.

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