A sinners blessing.
Where problems are layed bare
Sins never seem scarce and
Judgement isn’t rare
Mines, yours, his ,and hers
All different
But equal
Bc no sin is greater nor lesser
The way we make up for our human faults.
Those ought nought’s
And we really should not
Situations that we do any way bc we know that there’s always room for another
even though most us take them and Him for granted
There’s always that comfort that cluttered rooms of sin will always be disintegrated
As long as we submit our
Something society has subjected to being nothing more than a excuse/reason not to live solely by Gods truth
Dear people of God
What good is a confession with no revelation
Do we really have to wait for the torment presented in the book of revelation
To realize we need God to change our future destination
I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to let my eternal destination be solely dependent on how many times I utilize my
With no change in the mist of all my transgressions
No true repentance exist
Without a change in our way of thinking
Time to start migrating
And stop worrying about our earthly reputations
For the world is not the provider of our blessings
And it is only in his word that we will find true salvation
It’s time to turn our backs on the world
And take heed to the true meaning of

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