For days I struggled to find the right words to say
For days I tried my hardest to configure the perfect word play
See for days I demanded my mind to find time to develop words that would bring us even closer together
My family
For you I wanted these words to be of something special
Not the typical remember when …
Or a consistent floetry of me reminiscing
See our love is stronger than any memory could ever display.
Our bond is unbreakable
For it was created, mended, and sealed by God
And I can be nothing but thankful that God decided to bless my life in this way
And to our Angels
Gone but never forgotten
Thank you for planting the seed of our family’s love in such fertile soil
Allowing our roots to grow far, wide,
And deep into his word
Keeping us strong and unmoveable
In the face of the devils mischief
Thank you for teaching us the importance of supporting one another
No matter how much physical distance may come in between us
Thank you for being the role models we needed to continue a legacy unspoken
And thank you for always keeping God 1st giving us the key to solving all of our problems and surviving all of our obstacles
May these words fill each of your souls and take a place in your hearts
My family
In your darkest moments remember that we are each others light
and We Are
The epitome of love and togetherness

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