Hour 16 — Gentle Hands

Beth A. Fleisher

Hour 16

Prompt 16:  Write a poem about love, without ever using the word love in it.


Gentle Hands


Gentle hands on baby’s shoulders,

Rubbing circles, giving comfort.

Tender kisses on her forehead,

Whispered words of praise and joy.


Caring eyes when she is sick,

Favorite foods prepared with care,

Birthday dress made late at night,

Blackest velvet and white satin.

4 thoughts on “Hour 16 — Gentle Hands

  1. I like how the whole subject matter is wrapped up in the last line and how the metaphors house the two ends of one stick. “Black velvet” representing “sacrifice and care” and “white satin” representing the joy that flows from the giving of the former where it is naturally willed and carried out. Concise and powerful. Love it

    1. I really like how you saw this and how you discuss the metaphors. “Concise and powerful” — another Wow! moment for me to hear that. Glad you love this one, too. Not everyone will.

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