Hour 19 — Many Parts, One Body

Beth A. Fleisher

Hour 19


Prompt 19: … or you can write about what it’s like to be one small part of something bigger.



Many Parts, One Body


We humans like to fancy ourselves as independent,

Able to handle our own problems,

Capable of doing good deeds without prompting.


When we become a follower of The Way,

However, that independent streak becomes problematic.

We are called by Creator to lay down our independence

and learn to be interdependent on one another.


That was the original plan.

That we, though many, would become one body,

one living organism, serving each other

and the greater community around us.


That still is the plan. Creator does not have a Plan B.

And neither do we.

Is it hard to change our mindset? Yes.

Do we hate the process it takes to get us there? Yes.

Do our egos get battered when everyone gets credit

for the wonderful event we planned and executed? Oh, yes.

But Creator’s plan is more important

than my bruised ego.



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