Hour 5 — Sunrise on Spirit Mountain

Beth A. Fleisher

Hour 5


Prompt 5: Choose a picture and use it as the jumping off point for a poem.



Sunrise on Spirit Mountain


I open my eyes to the first glimmers of daylight,

reveling in the morning stillness,

that soft blue time before the world awakens.

He is standing in my line of sight,

maybe a half-dozen yards away,

one foot resting on a log,

Butterfly Flute in his hands,


Peace encircles him.

As I watch, keeping the silence,

Grampa Sun comes up slowly over the mountain,

silvery gold glinting the tops of Douglas fir trees.

He puts the flute to his lips and blows his breath

into the flute, which sings out a flute song so pure

that all our relatives — birds, deer, squirrels, butterflies —

stop their morning rituals to listen.

The flute song,

born of this morning,

born for this moment,

creates perfect harmony between us and all things.

Flute song calls us to walk in beauty,

to love fully,

to forgive freely.

to help each other,

to dream new dreams.

As Grampa Sun is fully revealed, the flute song ends,

he lowers the Butterfly Flute,

and walks silently back to our sleeping bag.

I open my eyes and I am home in my bed.


2 thoughts on “Hour 5 — Sunrise on Spirit Mountain

  1. Rich imagery that arrests from the first line. A very delicious sounding poem. Yup because i heard the flute song as it held all of nature hypnotized.

    I had to suspend logic for a bit to key into this but it still came in handy because at the end do i realize that “he” is actually a person who lies close to your heart in some way and somewhere in your mind, you associate him with the grand outplay of the sun’s majesticism to convey your admiration and love of him.

    This is a work of beauty worth every word of appreciation. Love it

    1. Thank you for these comments. I am a little overwhelmed, honestly. I thought it was good…ya know how sometimes the Muse sits with you, and once the whole poem is on the screen you KNOW something magical just happened? That’s how this felt. I’m glad it drew you in so that you were willing to suspend logic for a bit to key into it. Your assessment is right on that “he” is an actual person very close to me…but I hadn’t thought of associating him with “the sun’s majesticism to convey my admiration and love of him.” You see deeply. “This is a work of beauty worth every word of appreciation.” Double wow. Thank you!

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