Couch commanders

 Couch commander


I know

You like to be in charge

You know how things should be done

You are free with  your thoughts

Your also like to have a comfortable spot to share your thoughts with others

You are the couch commander


I know 

You are used to being catered to

You are used to being served

You say we are all friends

But you are think of yourself as more

You think you are the queen bee

You are the couch commander


I know

You talk about equality and justice

About the marches you have attended

And universal human rights you believe in

Never looking at your own life

Never leaving your comfortable spot

Letting others make the coffee

Letting others get the lunch and clean it up

You are the couch commander


I know

You proclaim about social justice

But you never offer us the best spot

You are content to be served

We women of the hard chairs

We women who never  sit

Also need our place in the sun

We, who are always serving, always doing

While you proclaim about social justice

Your bottom firmly on the couch

Will claim our due from you, the couch commander

Bette Low 2020

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