A Vine of Cute Design

This poem, “A Vine of Cute Design” is a companion poem to “A Weed of Design”



I never knew about it, this vine so new to me–

My friend said, “Look how pretty!” and I bought it just to see

The blooms that grew upon the plant; they looked like candy corn!

I couldn’t wait to see it filled with yellow buds, and orange.

I took such good care of it, but it was not to be…

The vine curled up and died; no blossoms did I see.

The next year I determined to give another chance

To three candy corn vines, and hoped the blossoms danced.

I asked the lady at the place, “What was it I did wrong?”

She suggested too much care, for neglect is what they yearn!

So now I have three healthy vines all in bloom for me;

I’ve learned how to neglect them, and let them sit and breathe.


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