End: Memories

I close my eyes

My heart sending out a silent prayer

Let these memories stay with me

At least these memories of today


I always tend to forget, I know

Important things, precious times

But just this once I want to

Never forget, always remember


How much fun it was

How bitterly I cried or freely I laughed

Remember how much I learned

And how much I hold these feelings precious to my heart


So even to forget and being forgotten

Is my fate inevitable

Let me just remember these times

With just these memories I will be fine


I close my eyes

My heart sending out a silent prayer

Won’t you give even this to me

O great fate?

13 thoughts on “End: Memories

  1. Bhasha, I love the whole theme of this poem around memories, “precious moments,” and longing to keep them in your heart and not forget them. The flow of the poem is lovely and so are the words you chose to express the hope/desire to keep even “just these memories.” Really well done!

  2. I definitely feel this poem. Every line, every sentiment shared was so powerful. I really enjoyed and love this 😊 I absolutely love your line: “I always tend to forget.” It’s so simple, but its simplicity is what gives it its power. Love it. It especially plays ironically on the title. Great poem all around! Blessings <3

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