Hour 4: O the joy! The joy!

(Title and first line from Tagore’s Red Oleanders)


O the joy! The joy!

Of being, existing

Taking in a breath

Full of petrichor laden air


And to look!

O to look at the stars

Far off yet warm

From among the trees of past.



O to hear the stories

Of ages afar

People to people, heart to heart.


O to speak!

To be able to tell

Stories and poems and

Songs that travelled far.


O the joy! The joy

Of living

Life among the beautiful

The Earth, the Sky and the stars.


2 thoughts on “Hour 4: O the joy! The joy!

  1. There is a beautiful, lyric quality to this piece that would make a beautiful song…the movement from one sense to the other is fluid and gentle and lovely

    “O to look at the stars/Far off yet warm/From among the trees of past” is a perfect example of what I am trying to describe. I feel your spirit in these images. Thank you for sharing her with us. <3

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