Hour 24: Good Morning, Witch Haus!

In these slight hours

when the sky beings stir

and streak the clouds 

with wakeful orange 

light peeps in

through slanted blinds

and curtain parts

like a child

excited for the day


As the world lights up

I am cool and asleep

in a canopy cave

mossed over in teal tulle

while I rest

the little pekingese 

rolls on the greyed carpet

the border collie trots 

lovingly behind her human

with one watchful eye out

for fallen morsels of toast


I wake in the late morning

meeting someone in the kitchen

to entertain the shared daily curiosities:

“Whatcha up to today?”

“How were your dreams?”


The walls are draped

with pothos, floral arrangements  

and affirmations

because we need them

like this house 

to hold well big hearts

buzzing with intentions











Outside of

Inside of 

our home.

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